Digital Business Developer



Are you passionate about customer centricity and driving business growth through innovative strategies and demand creation? Do you love solving pain-points and friction in a customer journey? That’s all of us in a nutshell. 


Utbrudd is experiencing a very high demand, especially new and existing customers working with HubSpot and our biggest customer segment; B2B. Today we work with some of the most ambitious brands within their sector, i.e. Sticos, Tore Ligaard, Eplehuset, Rosenborg, Vassfjellet and many others. 


Now we are seeking a curious individual to join our team in the exciting role of Digital Business Developer.


Before we go into the details of the position, take a moment to read about what it’s like to work at Utbrudd, our perks and benefits, and what we stand for.


Here’s what we’re looking for. You don’t need to check off all the boxes, but this sums up what you will daily contribute to in cooperation with our highly experienced team. In the areas you aren’t an expert today, we will provide thorough training.  

  • Digitalization:
    • Analyze existing processes and implement improvements using digital tools and methodologies.

  • HubSpot:
    • Utilize HubSpot to its full potential for marketing automation, sales processes, customer relationship management, and analytics.

  • Marketing, Campaign Setup, and Content Production:
    • Participate in data driven marketing initiatives, including campaign setup and content creation.

  • Agile Project Management:
    • Lead client projects and ensure they are delivered on time, within scope, and meet high-quality standards. Foster long-term relationships with clients. 

  • Strategy:
    • Develop and execute digital and brand strategies aligned with our clients goals for growth.

  • Customer Journey Optimization:
    • Innovate and optimize customer journeys from Marketing 👉Sales 👉Aftermarket. 

  • Architecture:
    • Contribute to the development of digital architectures that support our clients business objectives.

  • Change Management:
    • Facilitate, train and support teams in adapting to new processes, tools and technologies.



  • Proven experience (minimum 5 years) in business development, project management, and/or data driven marketing. 

  • Strategic mindset with the ability to align digital initiatives with overall business objectives.

  • Proficiency in HubSpot, marketing platforms and other relevant digital tools.

  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with a client first attitude.


If you are a forward-thinking professional with a passion for digital innovation and growth, we invite you to apply for this opportunity to shape the future of data driven sales and marketing. Join us!

Send your CV and application to
Your application can be in either Norwegian or English. 

Last day for applying: April 21st.