Francesco Cantoro


Litt om meg:

What is your professional background?

I have a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering at the University of Salento (Lecce, Italy) and a master’s degree in Industrial and Management Engineering at the Polytechnic of Bari (Bari, Italy). In addition, I did two Erasmus exchanges in Sevilla and Jaén, Spain.

What can you help our customers with?

Translating their brand identity and message in exciting modules, templates and more on HubSpot, as well as on performance campaigns across marketing, sales and service.

What is your hidden talent?

I can play any song with the guitar just listening it once.

What motivates you?

Creativity. I love to immerse myself into the creative process, being inspired by feelings, sensations, emotions in order to build new and innovative things that can positively impact my environment.

What brings out your biggest smile?

Innocence of children looking at my hands when I am playing guitar.

What would be the name of your debut album OR debut book?

Well my debut book ... nah it would be an album of course! Maybe: “Pizzica Salentina”, that’s the name of the typical genre from my region in Italy.

How do you prefer your eggs?

Without egg white, take the yolk, mix it with a good bunch of Pecorino Romano and black pepper. On the side cut the Guanciale and cook it slowly, mix the delicious oil released with your eggs mix. Boil water and put 200g of Linguine (not spaghetti). When the pasta is al dente (please), drain it and mix with Guanciale and eggs mix. And well, there you have your best Carbonara ever!

What is your best asset?

I am a very structured person. I like to approach problems in a methodical way, breaking it down into smaller, more manageable parts and creating a step-by-step plan to address each one.

Favourite city?

I am pretty sure about Sevilla, Spain. Good weather, good food, good prices, great Baroque building style, lot of musicians and artists and lovely people.

What do you prefer to read?

I really like those biographies of great entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs or Elon Musk, but recently I am getting more into novels as well.

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?

Definitely teleportation. Can you image to wake up in Hawaii with the sound of waves, take a coffee and croissant in Paris, lunch pizza in Naples, watch the sunset on the Swiss Alps and finally have a romantic dinner under the Oakland Bay Bridge in San Francisco? What a great day!